Goose Creek

Coordinates: Lat 45.510310°N, Long 65.164259°W


Description: This is the next major river flowing into the bay going east from the Quiddy River. It is also barred by a sand and cobble spit caused by longshore drift, but is much smaller than the one at the mouth of the Quiddy River that gives rise to the beach that connects to Martin Head.

Nature Notes: There is ample evidence here of the river’s use as an important logging area in the past.

Fuller Falls

Coordinates: Lat 45.398944°N, Long 65.453444°W

Fuller-Falls Description: A 15m high, veiled-type, two-tiered waterfall. It is located about halfway between the western entrance gate and the interpretation centre at Big Salmon River on the Fundy Trail Parkway, east of the village of St Martins.

Nature Notes: This waterfall is very picturesque and a real treat to visit. Moss-festooned and well-forested, it is found along the easily accessible Fundy Trail Parkway. A cable stairway descends into the gorge and this provides ample viewing opportunities of the feature. More information and images of this waterfall can be found on the Waterfalls of New Brunswick website at:

Links: Waterfalls of New Brunswick

Image by Merv J. Cormier

Eye of the Needle

Coordinates: Lat 45.490209°N, Long 65.296056°W


Description: This area of narrowing of the Walton Glen Brook with its sheer rock faces and delicate, moss-festooned crevasses are both visually spectacular and biologically fragile, with the best-known part of it comprising a 30m high, 3m wide cleft in the canyon carved out by glaciers thousands of years ago. This site is the beginning (or the end, depending on your perspective) of the 900 m long area known as the Walton Glen Canyon!

Nature Notes: Although much of what makes this area remarkable is the geology and landscape, another equally interesting yet much more subtle story has to do with the vegetation growing here and there on the rock faces and in the crevasses of the site. They tell a story of precarious survival, as the plants and mosses covering some of the rock have eked out an existence over eons on what is very paltry and difficult soil and lighting conditions. Some of the species growing here are more arctic in their normal distribution and are likely remnants from the last ice age. As this area is prone to rock fall and erosion, it is strongly encouraged not to go climbing all over the area and affecting the delicate balance between the soil, moss, dwarfed trees and other vegetation growing in some cases right out of the rock face. Please remember to leave no trace of your passage and enjoy all of the amazing beauty of the place!

Image by Graham Waugh

Fossilized Sand Dunes

Coordinates: : Fossil dune site 1 (nearest Martin Head) Lat 45.492870°N, Long 65.203897°W; fossil dune site 2 Lat 45.493345°N, Long 65.208578°W


Description: A very interesting geological formation, clearly showing fossilized sand dunes in alternating bands of colour.

Nature Notes: There are two sites. Both are nearer to Martin Head than to Telegraph Brook. These outcrops of Triassic sedimentary rocks from the Fundy Group are similar to those found in St. Martins and Red Head and are over 200 million years of age.

Image by Ben Phillips


Coordinates: Lat 45.657487°N, Long 65.014776°W

moose horn_2Description: A steep trail leads through mostly mixed wood forest down to the sculpted bed of the Broad River.

Nature Notes: This trail was named after a logger’s portage. At the river end of the trail, one can follow the river upstream to link up with the Laverty Falls Trail and loop back to the common trail head. Where the Moosehorn trail reaches the river, interesting depressions carved in the stone alongside the river can be seen mostly downstream towards The Forks. These water-filled potholes were carved out by the scouring of pebbles, swirling in eddies caused by the intense, rapid flow of the river in this steeply inclined section of the river. This is where the river transitions from the slow flow plateau sections of the river to the much steeper gorge, so could be characterized as the “gateway” to the rougher, white water sections of the river. Here, the river banks are comprised mostly of smoothed river bank rocks mostly devoid of vegetation. The surrounding landscape is a deeply incised, v-shaped gorge.

Image by Matt Smith


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Eye of the Needle

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Goose Creek

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