Amazing Places in the Fundy Biosphere Reserve

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Our Amazing Places are the best hiking destinations in the Fundy Biosphere Reserve – they have a rich natural history, breathtaking scenery, and many uncommon characteristics.

The Fundy Biosphere Reserve catalogued all of the official trails in its region and designated 50 exceptional destinations along those trails. These became our Amazing Places, bringing awareness to the important natural landscapes we aim to conserve.

Each Amazing Place is marked by a smartphone-enabled sign, so that you can access important interpretive information about the site. The Google Earth map application gives you all the geographic information you need to plan your trip. The videos give you a unique perspective on each site and will make you want to explore all of its hidden gems. 

Special Article Series

1. Welcome to the Canada 150 Amazing Places Challenge
2. First Contact: Alien-like Immortals Discovered at Hopewell Rocks 
3. Big Tires and Big Tides at Waterside Beach
4. Sunrise Scramble: Chasing the Tide at Cape Enrage Reef 
5. Expect the Unexpected at Martin Head
6. Mud Monsters - Riding the Tantramar Marshes
7. Moncton's Frozen Frontier: Descending into the Belly of the Frozen Petitcodiac
8. Elegant Violence: Ice Climbing Walton Glen Gorge

Ready to Discover the Fundy Biosphere Reserve's Amazing Places?

FBR Amazing Places Brochure - English
Download and print our brochure and map showing all 50 Amazing Places.

Please note: The Fundy Biosphere Reserve and its agents, employees, directors, volunteers, contractors, representatives, etc. is not responsible for any loss or accident causing personal injury or damage to property during the visit of an "Amazing Place". The "Amazing Places" were chosen for the interest they represent for the general public, but we ask you to please be cautious and use common sense when you are walking or hiking, and to not get too close to "Amazing Places" signs if they appear unstable or dangerous. We also recommend to not explore "Amazing Places" sites or the areas around them if they seem unstable or dangerous.