Amazing Places

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You will know an Amazing Place the moment you see it…It may be a view so powerful and majestic that it will literally take your breath away! Or, it may be a scene or a place that will simply cause you to take pause in order to soak it all in, a place where you can draw on a deep well of energy emanating from the serene beauty of a view. An amazing place can be different things to different people: mystical, magical, grandiose, bizarre, unique, breath-taking and awe-inspiring, or even a combination of all of these things…It certainly can tell a story.

To see all of the Amazing Places in Google Earth, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Download the Google Earth program Download Google Earth

Step 2: Download this Google Earth document that contains all of the trails and Amazing Places locations and information in the FBR. This document should load automatically in Google Earth:

Step 3: Click on each miniature FBR logo and the hikers to explore the trails and Amazing Places of the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve.

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