Amazing Places in the Fundy Biosphere Reserve

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The UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve has initiated a collaborative trail project to map existing and potential Trans Canada Trail through the Biosphere Reserve with the aid of a GPS and to identify locations along the route as Amazing Places.

Trail Amazing Places are places of environmental significance such as biodiversity or views that depict the unique environment of the FBR that can be used for interpretation and trail planning.This project has been used to develop new and innovative engagement tools for trail in the region, both through traditional media and the development of an interactive web application.

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In 2010, FBR staff hiked and mapped many trails in the region. As an integral part of this project, potential Amazing Places were identified. These places were mapped and described, both through words and pictures, as to why they could be good candidates for inclusion as Amazing Places.

Information on Amazing Places was gathered from a wide variety of sources, perhaps most importantly using local knowledge. The first and best indication that a place is amazing comes to us from the fact that people have been visiting and using a site for dozens and sometimes even hundreds of years. Often the main reason a site is used regularly over time has to do with a particular feature, and this is the kind information that gets transmitted by word of mouth and becomes part of local culture. If the site is used for leisure, this may well be an indication that the view or site is memorable, or a feature is unique.


Photos of Amazing Places were another essential piece to add in being able to fully encapsulate the story of each location. Photos were obtained from many stakeholders involved directly or indirectly in the project. Having a wide diversity of images of different sites, each taken in different lighting conditions and from various points of view, enabled us to choose one or several images that helped best “tell the story” and to further appreciate what makes these places truly amazing.

The FBR has created an interactive online trail guide that highlights and describes trails and, of course, Amazing Places. For many of the Amazing Places, we will be introducing small signs that denote the location and incorporate a QR code that can be read by smartphones. When scanned, these codes serve as hyperlinks that send you to specific content on our website.

This pilot project has involved key stakeholder groups (the New Brunswick Trails Council, Fundy National Park, municipalities and regional/local trail groups) working together to actively develop the proposed Trans Canada Trail route throughout the Biosphere Reserve.

Please note: The Fundy Biosphere Reserve Inc. and their agents, officials, officers, directors, employees, volunteers, contractors, servants or representatives are not responsible for any death, injury, loss or damage of any kind suffered by any person while visiting any Trail Amazing Places. While these sites have been chosen for their interest to the general public, please use common sense and do not approach the signs marking the Trail Amazing Places if they appear to be unstable or dangerous, and likewise do not approach the Trail Amazing Places themselves if they or their surroundings appear unstable or dangerous.

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Amazing Places in the Fundy Biosphere Reserve