Welcome to the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve.
The world's highest tides have shaped landscapes, ecosystems and communities. 
It is truly a unique place. Explore. Enjoy.


The New-Brunswick side of the Upper Bay of Fundy is designated as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. This special designation recognizes our unique environment and the beautiful natural areas found throughout the Fundy Biosphere Reserve. We live in a special place, and there are many ways to experience it!

Amazing Places
Celebrate the natural gems of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve and plan your next adventure. 

Surviving the Fundy Footpath
Learn more about our entertaining web doc series that helps would-be Fundy Footpath hikers mentally prepare for their expedition.

Try out one of the many trails within the Fundy Biosphere Reserve. See our detailed list of trail options. 

Bay of Fundy Mudflats
Learn more about this unique ecosystem, essential to the Fundy Biosphere Reserve.