This year Canada instated a National Day for Truth And Reconciliation. Today, on Sept 30 we honour the lost, and the survivors of residential schools, their families and their communities. Reconciliation and reparations for the tragedy of residential schools and how indigenous peoples have been overtly treated for decades will not happen overnight. It’s an ongoing effort to overcome the systematic racism in this country and despite the province New Brunswick choosing not to recognize and honour the day we wanted to take the opportunity to allow some voices to be heard.
Now, Desmon and Raven in no way represent all indigenous people in New Brunswick. There are a number of Wabanaki communities throughout New Brunswick that, I’m sure, would love for you to join them with an open heart and an open mind if you’re interested in learning more. For online resources I’ll include a few links below and I’d encourage everyone to ask for themselves:

“What does Sept 30th mean to me?”

Video Credits: Desmond Simon
Huge thank you to: Desmond and Raven!