Sea Caves

Coordinates: Latitude 45.358516°N, Longitude 65.523283°W

Sea-Caves Description: Relatively large and deep, the Bay of Fundy has moulded these attractive caves which are definitely a testament to the power of the tides.

Nature Notes: Part of the sedimentary outcrop in which the caves occur is Triassic in age, dating back to the time when the Atlantic Ocean was just beginning to open and the Bay of Fundy was a rift valley. The Triassic is also the time when dinosaurs first appeared on Earth. Although unlikely in this particular formation, it is conceivable these stones could harbour some fossils from the age of the very earliest of dinosaurs. At the very least, it is certainly interesting to know that the rocks were formed at this time, when the Atlantic Ocean was just beginning to open up and dinosaurs were just beginning to roam the Earth!

Image by Andrew Spring


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