Black Hole


Coordinates: (Warden Cabin near the pool and trail junction): Lat 45.627241°N, Long 64.975128°W

FNP1507 Black Hole Wardens Cabin MSmith
Directions: Follow Forty-Five Rd from Alma to trail head

Description: A large, swirling, deep, dark salmon pool (hence the name), caused by a deviation of the Upper Salmon River. This is the focal point of a 5.5 km (one-way) hiking trail by the same name accessed from the Forty-Five Road.

Nature Notes: Atlantic Salmon rest in the pool here for a time, en route to their spawning grounds. The pool is conveniently situated about half way from ocean to their spawning ground upriver. If you go to the Black Hole at the right time of year, particularly in the fall, you just may catch a glimpse of some of the very rare, endangered Inner Bay Of Fundy population of Salmon!

Black Hole panorama by Ben Phillips; Winter image of warden's cabin by Matt Smith


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