Eye of the Needle

Coordinates: Lat 45.490209°N, Long 65.296056°W


Description: This area of narrowing of the Walton Glen Brook with its sheer rock faces and delicate, moss-festooned crevasses are both visually spectacular and biologically fragile, with the best-known part of it comprising a 30m high, 3m wide cleft in the canyon carved out by glaciers thousands of years ago. This site is the beginning (or the end, depending on your perspective) of the 900 m long area known as the Walton Glen Canyon!

Nature Notes: Although much of what makes this area remarkable is the geology and landscape, another equally interesting yet much more subtle story has to do with the vegetation growing here and there on the rock faces and in the crevasses of the site. They tell a story of precarious survival, as the plants and mosses covering some of the rock have eked out an existence over eons on what is very paltry and difficult soil and lighting conditions. Some of the species growing here are more arctic in their normal distribution and are likely remnants from the last ice age. As this area is prone to rock fall and erosion, it is strongly encouraged not to go climbing all over the area and affecting the delicate balance between the soil, moss, dwarfed trees and other vegetation growing in some cases right out of the rock face. Please remember to leave no trace of your passage and enjoy all of the amazing beauty of the place!

Image by Graham Waugh


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