Laverty Falls

Coordinates: Lat 45.676975°N, Long 65.011642°W

Laverty-Falls Description and directions: A remarkable, high volume, curtain-type waterfall found on Laverty Brook, accessed via the Laverty Falls trail which runs to the north of the Moosehorn and the Forks trails. All three of these trails are found at the north end of Laverty Rd in the north-central section of the park. This lovely trail leading to the waterfall passes through mature deciduous and mixed wood stands.

Nature Notes: This is the most impressive and one of the most easily accessible waterfalls in the park. Three trails, including the namesake trail to these falls, as well as the Moosehorn and the Forks trails, wind their way through some of the most expansive plateau-type, Sugar Maple, Yellow Birch and American Beech stands (tolerant hardwoods) in the park. The Laverty Falls Trail comes out just above the confluence of Haley Brook and Laverty Brook, the latter of which flows out from the lake of the same name. A few very nice, tall White Pines can be seen along the river here. While White Pine is not uncommon in the province, this is one of the few places in the park where this type of tree, the tallest in the region, can be found.

Image by Ben Phillips

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