Martin Head

Coordinates: Lat 45.490584°N, Long 65.195274°W (middle of the beach)

Martin-Head Description: A long strand of coarse gravel connected to a rocky head at the mouth of the Quiddy River.

Nature Notes: Also found here is a large salt marsh complex at the mouth of the river, on both sides. The gravel bar juts out into the bay and is subjected to the full force of storm winds and waves of the bay. The result is a clear record of past storms, shown by the many berms built by the wave energy and well-sorted clasts. Martin Head is an Amazing Place for sure, but it has been degraded a lot by ATV traffic. This whole area is very picturesque. It has been used and visited by locals for a very long time. The vast salt marsh at the mouth of the Quiddy River here is the most extensive found between Saint Martin’s and Mary’s Point in the upper bay. There are also trace fossils on the shore here, probably of a type known as graptolites.

Image by Ben Phillips


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