Coordinates: Lat 45.657487°N, Long 65.014776°W

moose horn_2Description: A steep trail leads through mostly mixed wood forest down to the sculpted bed of the Broad River.

Nature Notes: This trail was named after a logger’s portage. At the river end of the trail, one can follow the river upstream to link up with the Laverty Falls Trail and loop back to the common trail head. Where the Moosehorn trail reaches the river, interesting depressions carved in the stone alongside the river can be seen mostly downstream towards The Forks. These water-filled potholes were carved out by the scouring of pebbles, swirling in eddies caused by the intense, rapid flow of the river in this steeply inclined section of the river. This is where the river transitions from the slow flow plateau sections of the river to the much steeper gorge, so could be characterized as the “gateway” to the rougher, white water sections of the river. Here, the river banks are comprised mostly of smoothed river bank rocks mostly devoid of vegetation. The surrounding landscape is a deeply incised, v-shaped gorge.

Image by Matt Smith


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