Slack's Cove

Coordinates: Lat 45.725088°N, Long 64.528040°W

Slacks-Cove Description: A small, deeply incised, scenic cove just west of Rockport with nice, sandstone cliffs and banks.

Nature Notes: This site offers an amazing view across the Cumberland Basin section of the uppermost Bay of Fundy, looking virtually directly towards the Nova Scotia shore at Joggins, which is a world-renowned fossil source and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Interestingly, there are some very similar fossils to be observed on the beach here as well, from approximately the same geological time period as the ones at Joggins. While the fossils here are of relatively common types, it is still illegal to remove fossils from the beach under the New Brunswick Heritage Conservation Act, so take only pictures and leave only footprints.

Links: Heritage Conservation Act

Image by Clarence Nowlan


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