Third Vault Falls

Coordinates: Lat 45.639939°N, Long 64.992833°W

Third-Vault-Falls Description: A 16m, plunge-type waterfall found at the end of a beautiful trail meandering its way through old growth hardwood and mixed forests.

Nature Notes: These are the highest accessible falls in the park. At the base of the falls is a wonderful, clear pool that is a favourite with hikers for a nice, cool dip, especially in the hottest days of July and August, as the water is still surprisingly cold even at that time of year. The reason the water remains cool much later in the season than in other areas is related to a landscape effect. The gorge in which the brook and waterfall are situated are shrouded in shadows for a good portion of the hours of daylight well into the summer, not allowing the water to be warmed nearly as quickly as in other, more exposed portions of the park.

Image by Denis Doucet


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