Tracey Lake

Coordinates: (on the northern end of the lake near the campsite): Lat 45.652898°N, Long 65.070541°W


Description: Tracey Lake is a bog-ringed lake typical of the relatively small, high plateau lakes found here and there in the Caledonia Highlands and is the focal point of the trail with the same name.

Nature Notes: This lake sits atop the Caledonia Plateau along with three other nearby lakes which are the sources of many streams and rivers in the park. This area is indeed one of the best places in the park to view wildlife. As Tracey Lake is much further from the coast and the effects of the Fundy fog than Marven Lake, it plays host to a more mixed forest type. Tracey Lake is partially ringed by acidic, boggy wetland attractive to Moose, beaver, and other wildlife.

Image by Ben Phillips


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