Waterside and Dennis Beaches

Coordinates: Coordinates: (Waterside Beach) Lat 45.627575°N, Long 64.812131°W; (Waterside Marsh) Lat 45.626611°, Long 64.797279°W, (Dennis Beach) Lat 45.630285°N, Long 64.849762°W, (Red Head) Lat 45.624738°N, Long 64.833150°W

Waterside-and-Dennis-Beaches Description: A 6 km long, sandy strand divided into two distinct beach areas by a spectacular red sandstone outcrop (Red Head). The Waterside Beach section is backed by a vegetated dune system and a large salt marsh complex (Waterside Marsh) west of Long Marsh Creek.

Nature Notes: This site has been a nesting area for Piping Plover (an endangered species and one of the FBR’s Amazing Species) on a few occasions over the last couple of decades, but the site is impacted by ATV use and other human disturbances and the birds have had trouble here, likely even more so than in other parts of the Maritimes. Geologically speaking, Red Head is a Triassic rock outcrop which dates back to the beginning of the age of dinosaurs!!! Waterside Marsh and Rocher Bay are very good spots for rare birds, ducks and herons in particular, during both spring and fall migration.

Image of Red Head by Ben Phillips


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