Dobson Trail

Distance: 58.3 km
Rating: Difficult
NOTE: First 2 km, starting in Riverview, are easy and highly accessible.

The Dobson is a well established and widely used trail having celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009. This 58.3 km inland trail travels from the lowlands of the Fundy Biosphere Region in the town of Riverview, NB, up to and across the Fundy Biosphere Region's highlands region terminating at Fundy National Park. Highlights include beaver ponds, Acadian Forest, the Kent Hills, the interpretive section located on the northern end of the trail, Prosser Ridge lookout and a side trail to one of the Fundy Biosphere Region's highest points and a spectacular panoramic view from the top of Hayward Pinnacle.

The Dobson Trail offers four season recreation possibilities with cross-country skiing and snowshoeing opportunities during winter months. The numerous access points make it highly accessible for day trips and overnight or multi-day excursions. Recent developments close to the Dobson Trail offers access to view new attractions, wind turbines, located along the Kent Hills in the Caledonia Highlands.

Side trails include:

  • Sand Hill Side Trail
  • Hayward Side Trail

For more information, visit The Fundy Hiking Trail Association's website.

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