Fort Folly First Nation Medicinal Trail

Description: Three trails running through the Fort Folly Reserve (approximately 4 km in total). One of the three trails includes a series of seven interpretation panels that explore and highlight the medicinal uses, as well as the tremendous traditional and spiritual importance of certain native plants to the Mi’kmaq people of this region and the wider area.

There are 12 main plants identified along the trail on the panels; four other spiritually significant ones are also discussed. The twelve featured plants are: Indian Pipe, Jewel-weed, Balsam Fir, Red Spruce, Yellow Birch, Willow, Wood Sorrel, Bunchberry, Labrador Tea, Blueberries, and Goldthread. The four other plants discussed are Sweetgrass, Sage, Tobacco, and Cedar. Although they do not occur along the trail, the latter are included because of their cultural importance.

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