Fundy Footpath

Length: 41.4 km

Approach Trails: 1 km approach trail from The Big Salmon River interpretive centre to the western terminus of the footpath. 8 km approach trail from Point Wolf parking area in Fundy National Park to Goose River, the eastern terminus of the footpath.

Trail Rating: Challenging

Information: Established in 1994, this 41.4 km coastal hiking trail stretches from Goose River, the Western boundary of Fundy National Park, to Big Salmon River, a popular tourist destination East of the community of Saint Martins. The area is considered by many to be the longest stretch of undeveloped coastline between Florida and Labrador.

The Fundy Footpath offers hikers an opportunity to observe some of the last remaining stands of old-growth coastal Acadian Forest in the world as well as spectacular vistas, pristine beaches, unique estuaries, interesting geology and lots of wildlife. The FFP is a remote and challenging hiking trail and should only be attempted by those with suitable physical abilities and wilderness equipment.

The Fundy Footpath leads hikers to many of Fundy Biosphere’s Amazing Places with many more only a few kilometers from the trail. One could spend weeks exploring the many Amazing Places within a short distance of the Fundy Foothpath. In some cases there are designated trails like the Quiddy River trail and short side trails to bay viewpoints and waterfalls like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum falls. In other cases the Fundy Footpath crosses numerous gorges and ravines which can be explored like Walton Glenn Brook, Eye of the Needle, Little Salmon River and Goose Creek. There are dozens of spectacular waterfalls along the many streams, brooks and rivers the Fundy Footpath crosses. Hikers with a keen eye can also spot remnants of logging operations from many years ago. In many respects, the Fundy Footpath is a pathway to many of the greatest natural wonders found within the boundaries of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve.

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