Green Snake Trail

Coordinates: Lat 45.607736°N, Long 64.952546°W


Description: A notable mountain bike trail on the outskirts of the Village of Alma.

Nature Notes: The Village of Alma, gateway to Fundy National Park, is home to a gem of a mountain bike trail called “Green Snake”. It is said to be a perfect example of a sustainably built, “rolling contour” mountain bike trail. Recently, The Fundy Biosphere Reserve’s Conservation Scientist Ben Phillips rode the trail one balmy early May evening and had this to say about the experience: "The Green Snake Trail is for investors. Before you get any return, you must invest burning muscles and a sweat-soaked brow while pedalling gradually upward, snaking along the edge of the scenic Upper Salmon River Gorge. Navigating plankways and narrow bridges through the mature red spruce and birch forest and over two refreshing brooks brings you to the end of your investment. From here it is all return! Turn around, let gravity do the work and glide through the forest at top speed, riding the dips and dives, twists and turns and catch as much air as you can!"

Image of trail by Ben Phillips

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