Hiking Trails in the Fundy Biosphere Region

In essence, a trail is a path, a road, a link that can be traveled, connecting two places. But, a trail can be much more than that. We believe trails are an absolutely vital link, not only between communities found within the Biosphere Region, but also to the very essence of the Biosphere Region itself; its nature, its places, its very soul.

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Trails are places where we can connect with nature and are also places where one can be active: walk, hike, run, explore, snowshoe, ski, cycle or just take it all in. They certainly encourage a healthy, active lifestyle.

Trails are places where we can learn; they are living classrooms. Through the connections a trail creates, a trail can also encourage sustainable development. The Fundy Biosphere Region is laced with fabulous trails, not only in parks and conservation areas, but across the region in several directions and locations.

Hiking Trails in the Region

Amazing Places
Discover 50 beautiful not-to-be-missed places within the Fundy Biosphere Region accessible via various hiking trails.

Fundy National Park
A detailed list of trails within the boundaries of Fundy National Park.

Fundy Trail
Coastal access network, which includes a low-speed auto parkway with scenic lookouts, a pedestrian/bicycle trail, footpaths to beaches and river estuaries, and an Interpretive Centre.

Fundy Footpath
Popular coastal hiking trail (41.4 km) that stretches from Goose River, the Western boundary of Fundy National Park to Big Salmon River, a popular tourist destination east of the community of St. Martins. Considered by many to be the longest stretch of undeveloped coastline between Florida and Labrador.

Greater Moncton Area
Trails in the Greater Moncton region.

Trails in and around the Village of Memramcook

Trails in and around the Town of Sackville.

Mapleton Acadian Forest Trail
Hiking trail located near Elgin, which passes through reclaimed farmland and a former manganese mining plant.

Green Snake Trail
A notable mountain bike trail on the outskirts of the Village of Alma.

Fort Folly First Nation Medicinal Trail
An approximately 4 km series of three trails running through the Fort Folly Reserve

Dobson Trail
Well established and widely used trail of 58.3 km which travels from the lowlands of the Fundy Biosphere Region in the town of Riverview, up to and across the Region's highlands region terminating at Fundy National Park


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Surviving the Fundy Footpath

Learn more about our entertaining web doc series that helps would-be Fundy Footpath hikers mentally prepare for their expedition.



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