St Martins, NB is one of my favourite coastal towns in the Fundy Biosphere. Here's why!

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Who doesn't like hard ice cream?

With sprinkles you say?

There's nothing quite like a scoop of moon-mist ice cream with sprinkles to make you feel like a child again! Octopus Ice Cream is a must stop on any summer road trip through the village of St Martins. Their ice cream and vast selection of toppings are refreshing on a hot summers day as you walk the beach or traverse the sea caves; and might I recommend a bowl? No one likes sticky fingers!

Be sure to stop in to Octopus Ice cream next time you're in St Martins. You'll be glad you did!






Arguably the most accessible, and family friendly, way to visit the Fundy Coast.

The Fundy Trail may not be exclusive to St Martins, but the views are exceptional and allow easy access to sights via pull offs just off the road. The trail now easily connects St Martins with Alma making it easier than ever to visit the coastal communities of the Fundy Biosphere.

Whether your looking for an easy way to see the sights or out for a quick road trip the Fundy Trail should definitely be on everyone's "To Do" list every summer and fall to see the sights and the change of seasons! 








There's no wondering why the chowder is world famous... It's delicious!

Located Just before the sea caves The Caves Restaurant is certainly one of the best places to eat in St Martins, and maybe New Brunswick.

The chowder is amazing, but they have plenty of other things on their menu if that's not your style. Enjoy their patio seating and watch the tide come in over the sea caves!









Exploring the Bay of Fundy at low tide is one thing but seeing it at high tide? That's special!


If you've never had the opportunity to see the St Martins coast at high tide you're missing out! For less than $100/person you can embark on a memorable tour of the sea caves or enjoy a boat tour of the picturesque cliffs. For those more adventurous you may want to check out their multi-day offerings of sea kayaking or supported, guided hike of the fundy footpath!

Check out the Red Rock Adventure Facebook and Instagram pages or visit their website (https://www.bayoffundyadventures.com/) for more information or to book a tour!







There's so much history and geology stored in these cliffs that's different every time you visit!

Many are familiar with the primary sea caves that you can see at high tide, but did you know that there is an entire beach and secondary caves accessible for only a few hours at low tide? The sea caves are certainly a sight to see and incredible to walk into too!

The St Martins sea caves are part of the Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark with plenty of geological lessons to be learned from these cliffs that are hundreds of millions of years old.

To learn more about the Stonehammer Geopark and the geology of the St Martins sea caves visit: https://www.stonehammergeopark.com/


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