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Being a partner of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve (FBR) is the best way to showcase your commitment towards conservation, sustainable development and capacity building within our region.  

To continue offering impactful and relevant programming, the Fundy Biosphere Reserve requires some yearly core funding. These core funds provide organizational stability by funding necessary activities that are often not eligible for project funding, such as project scoping, networking, communications, liability insurance, etc.

The Fundy Biosphere Reserve is therefore seeking Partners to build its core funding.

  • Legacy Partner: significant and long-term financial or in-kind support
  • Sustaining Partner: $5,000
  • Developing Partner: $2,500
  • Supporting Partner:  $1,000

Use of the Partnering Funds

Funds from Partners will be used to:

  • Advance the conservation function of the FBR through multi-year programs such as the Amazing Places project;
  • Improve the FBR's impact on the sustainable development of the region, specifically in areas of climate change and tourism;
  • Build capacity of communities in the FBR, especially in climate change adaptation and green planning;
  • Expand the research and monitoring programs for the FBR; and,
  • Leverage the funds with funding agencies.

Benefits to the Partner

The Fundy Biosphere Reserve delivers highly visible programs throughout the communities of southeastern New Brunswick and beyond. Given the impact and visibility of our important projects and initiatives, our Partners can benefit as much as we do when we reach out to the public. Does your company focus on people, planet, and profit? If you prioritize a triple bottom line, supporting the Fundy Biosphere Reserve can help you reach that goal.

What does partnering yield? Given our impressive media coverage and communications wins, partnering with the Fundy Biosphere Reserve will mean:

  • Visibility from communications activities; a specific web page identifying and thanking our Partners, acknowledgement in our press releases and newsletter, promotion via Facebook and Twitter, and clear financial reporting in our Annual Report;
  • Corporate branding regarding the Partner’s Corporate Social Responsibilities. Use of the FBR logo (not UNESCO) and Partner’s in-text description of the FBR as a UNESCO designation; and,
  • For Legacy Partners and Sustaining Partners, Annual Hiking Day at Fundy Nation Park, with interpretation, for their staff.

Current partners

View our list of current partners.


Inquiries about parternships should be addressed to the Fundy Biosphere Reserve's Excutive Director, Megan de Graaf, at [email protected]

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