Forests of the Future

The Forests of the Future program is long-standing work of Fundy Biosphere to identify and document native tree species hardy enough to continue to thrive in climate crisis conditions.

Our first step was to conduct baseline research to identify eight of New Brunswick’s most resilient native species: Black Cherry, Red Maple, Hemlock, Sugar Maple, Red Oak, White Pine, Ironwood and American Beech. These trees prefer southern warmth and are likely to experience a longer growing season and faster growth.

In the future, as temperatures in the Wabanaki (Acadian) Forest warm, native tree species that favour northern cold, such as spruce, fir, poplar and birch will struggle in the biosphere region.

The purpose of the Forests of the Future program is to encourage selection and appropriate planting considerations for tree and plant species which will thrive according to a consideration for various climate models. We have created a shareable, searchable database to facilitate tree and plant selection and placement for use in landscape planning and design, while providing the necessary information to accommodate the needs of the selected plant, in terms of soil and light conditions, and their placement in relation to other plants/infrastructure.